Law of Attraction – In Action

The idle soul is un-idle again. It has been 2 months into my contract job, which I took up regardless of the trepidation of the many unknowns. (new job scope, never heard of company, 6 months of contract work which will bring me out of seeking a permanent job). In a way all turned out surprisingly well. I am in a place with good structure, mature and sensible processes, healthy working culture and down-to-earth people. I haven’t had much time to recite my affirmations and continue my daily reiki now that I have to rush to work, except for one which I adopted from Kryon’s teaching. “Today is a good day. Wonderful, positive benevolent outcomes are coming my way. My consciousness surpasses any challenges that may come. Good things lay before me.” I can recite it when I am alone in the lift, before I go out of the door or even in the toilet.

I am also keeping my emotions in check. In the older days I would think that this is THE JOB and feel exhilarated until challenges soon appear and slowly discover that the job and company wasn’t such a good one after all. Now I am taking it with a practical state of mind – just show up, live out each day as it comes and occasionally be grateful at the additional abundance, knowledge and connections that the new job brought me.

I still don’t know what will come down the road and I stop myself from thinking too much about it. There are challenges that I am facing now such as deadlines, overtime, and the time management involved as a working individual, which are reasonable but still challenging. I still knock out by the end of the day and also the first half of  Saturdays. But at least one daily affirmation at the start of the day still helps to frame the day. So on a practical level, I recommend it. Have a happy weekend people!


Law of Attraction – Diligent Action

In my current job search, I applied the Law of Attraction differently. Though this time inconsistently and only at the beginning (the initial enthusiasm wore off). Unlike the previous job, I removed all visual details about how the office was going to be like. Instead, I did recite affirmations every day without fail. The thing about affirmations is that because I am so familiar with them, more than half the time I would be reading the words without cognizing, meaning no awareness of the content. I suspect it doesn’t do its job very well at these times. Then there are occasional days where I took the effort to take in the meaning of the words.

When I sent out applications to specific job ads, I also removed the anticipation for a phone call from it. And then, I got a contract job through a recruiter, which was what he had available under his belt and in the industry that I wanted. It was something I had never done before and the interview came and went. So in terms of the Law of Attraction I have been feeling dulled and apprehensive about what’s to come in the job and what’s unknown.

Sometimes I feel that a job in many ways resemble a relationship. No matter how much you try to find out about the qualities (work criteria and environment) of the other person, it isn’t until you commit to the relationship (start in the job) do you know if you are a good fit for the other person (job). Usually only after some months together do you realise the nuances of the other person (company culture) and the bad habits, and whether the shit disturbs you enough for you to want to leave or to tolerate it until changes happen. From experience, most changes that I truly desire do not happen fast enough. If the company is already in a bad shape to begin with i.e. lack of expertise, systems, resources and talent, it takes much longer for companies to improve work processes or conditions. And that is if they have a genuine commitment to do so in the first place. But for the most part they preoccupy themselves with day to day struggles and are blind to the big picture. So I am being reticent until I have immersed in the work itself. Strangely enough, a contract job paid me the highest renumeration compared to all my previous permanent jobs.

Unlike the Law of Attraction books and testimonials, it has pretty much been something I am still grappling with, so there are no “wow” stories here. But I hope it will mean something for those who are using it and also wondering if it works – you are not alone.

Law of Attraction – Letting Go of Outcomes & Good Things Come in Pairs

There was a small incident that helped me understand better the phrase; “letting go of outcomes”. My hubby and I play Battlecats on the phone, where one of the game aspects was a gachapon (random character generator) to gain strong creatures for your army. The best types had a rare win rate, about 5%. So there was one character which hubby had been wanting for very long and every time he had a gachapon ticket he would ask me to click the gachapon with my “lucky” hands, to which we always hype ourselves up in anticipation before pressing the button, to no avail. One day as usual, I clicked his gachapon like how I always do, which failed. And then as I also had a ticket; I clicked for my own without expectations. Instead, I received the character he wanted.

Often, I feel that in Law of Attraction, things come to you at times when you least expect it. Such as in the case with the gachapon and landing my previous job.

Another strange phenomena in my job searches is that despite conscientiously sending out applications, the phone might not ring for months on end, yet when one company finally calls you for an interview, usually a second one will come around on the tail of your first one. So you might suddenly find yourself busy with two interviews held in the same week when for months all was quiet. So yea, good things come in pairs and for job seekers, be more open in the positions you apply for unless you have already narrowed down the suitability and go interviewing! I am pretty sure once you start, more interviews will come to you and higher chances of being hired. Most importantly, keep up with your Law of Attraction efforts even though there is no apparent reaction.

The Struggle to Find Life Purpose and Gift : ( A Rant )

It’s 1st December and your manager informs you that he has decided to let you go, right before the year end bonuses, despite having plodded through long hours each workday and sacrificing family time in the process. (Too slow, old soul) It took 3 damn long years to get this one that seemingly came right out of what you had affirmed for. Everything was perfect, except…. the work didn’t make your soul sing with joy. Instead there were incompetencies, deceit, appearances. And then after this one, another mild depression that you recovered from. And then a bloody fall that hit the side of your face and changed the alignment of your teeth. A big scare but nothing serious. Perhaps a force-stop from Spirit before I start lunging after the next available thing. December went, then Chinese New Year and before you knew it, it’s April. 4 months passed. Each day goes without fail a routine recital of affirmations. This time with care not to dictate what you assume is good for you. At the fourth month, you get iChing Hexagram 11 to go with the flow. Tarots asking you to be patient and wait it out. Wait till when? When is it ripe?

What is my Gift? What is my Strength? What did I come into the World to do? Each night, each day, a reply of silence. Waves of disappointment that seem to swamp the light of  affirmations below piles of quicksand. If there were angels, why not lead me to my life purpose instead of having me hover in time while the rest of the world pass by and the regret of having zero financial ability to pay the bills nor support the family.

Update: 25 April 2018. For those who read this, thank you. It was a frustrated rant written few weeks ago; coming from a period of waiting and feeling like nowhere in between. Sometimes the law of attraction seems to be all about joy and excitement. But in reality there are many times when it goes all dark and hopeless and I think I wrote this at one of those times and it felt good to let it out. There have been some stirrings since then, let me ponder over it and then I shall write my thoughts soon regarding the Law of Attraction.

Spiritual Ways to Cheer Yourself Up when Feeling Down

In between the spectrum of emotions from dark, nameless fear to unbounded happiness, there lies an emotion or rather loss of emotion called numbness to life. It can be brought on as an aftereffect from life events such as bankruptcy, loss of loved ones, mid-life crisis or as in my case, job loss. Sometimes, you gather the courage to live again after a good cry, forgive the people you need to forgive, let go of the baggage you need to let go or have a good talk with people who care about you. Other times, nothing dramatic happens in your life and you look for change and yet nothing is happening and daily living starts to feel stagnant. It can feel like you’ve reached a never-ending plateau; like the straight line of a heartbeat monitor with no heartbeat.

If you are having strong, churning emotions that overwhelm you, my other post (“How to Deal with Sudden Overwhelming Feelings of Dread, Anxiety or Doom for the Sensitive Person“) might help as well.

There are some methods which I have used to at least prevent yourself from spiralling down into hopelessness or depression. Unless the human has an optimistic tendency, which in this case he/she does not need to read this post, negative thoughts and doubts usually creep in when there is inactivity for a long period of time. Therefore if you are experiencing this right now, do note it requires some action and perseverance to maintain a routine of whatever-works-for-you until your circumstances or mood changes for the better. Although these are recommended for people who are into spirituality, anyone who is open (or desperate) enough can give these a try.

Prayers Affirmations Visualisations

I can’t stress the importance of these. You probably find it hard to even do the basic stuff to keep your life running such as eating, buying groceries, household chores etc. Even if you don’t feel like even moving from your bed, have a paper scribbled with a prayer/affirmation that you can recite and keep it under your pillow. It requires the least brainpower and calories to do. If you have the energy to lift and look at your phone, that will be more than enough energy to lift and read a piece of paper.

For those who are new to this, let me try to describe the difference between prayers and affirmations. Prayers are statements addressed to the divine requesting for their help in whatever areas you seek help for. You find plenty of these in religious texts and they usually start with “Dear _____, (insert the higher entity that corresponds to your beliefs) “. Affirmations are statements addressed to yourself that bring about positive states in whatever areas you seek change in. You can just write your own. A simple example would be: “I am healthy and well” or “I have wonderful financial abundance”. Most importantly they have to be statements that you can believe in. So if they are too much of a stretch, start small with statements like, “I am healing” or “I am having financial abundance come my way”. You can find some examples from new age/ self-help books, Steve Pavlina‘s website or Kryon channelings. For the last one, unless you plan to start listening to their audio recordings, it is dispersed everywhere…

As of visualisations, it really is just daydreaming, albeit daydreaming in more detail and with sustained concentration.


This helps to clear the clutter in the head. Write anything that comes up. It’s your journal. I have old resentments, old hurt feelings and frustrations that resurface in my memory even when I thought I had let go. Even though I won’t be able to forgive some of the people involved, writing out my feelings helps me to let go of the incident itself and prevents it from churning in my head.


Listen to music that resonates with your mood. Recently came upon this genre called “Chill”

Being Closer to the Divine

Do whatever that brings you closer to God. For some it could be walking in nature, climbing mountains, being near water, creating art or spending time with a child. For me it feels like God in the clouds and angels in a candle flame, so lighting a candle or staring at a large expanse of sky calms me.

Online Tarot Cards iChing Angel Card Readings

Rather than using them as an accurate divination tool, I usually use their messages as a tool for hope and keep those that resonate. Even with just holding the question in your mind without typing them out, I am sometimes simply amazed at the results. Take care not to view these results too seriously.

Here are my favourite sites. The standard online readings are free.

New Age Store

Trusted Tarot

iChing Online

Angel Messenger

Listen to your Urges

When I am in such a mood, I lose the enthusiasm for things I used to enjoy. Hence if there is one that actually comes up and is reasonably doable, rather than dismiss it I give it more attention and try to allow myself to it. I stopped craving for food and places to go to, but allowed myself to window shop and buy some clothes when I loved them. Because I was in a lull mood and low energy, it didn’t bring me into extreme spending although I did spend more than what I was comfortable with. I got tired after several trips to the malls. Because I followed and fulfilled this rare spate of enthusiasm, it died down after two months. If not I suspect holding back might grow it into obsessive addiction and then more guilt spending.

Be Aware of your Feelings

Related to the point above. Because I have the time to, I was paying more attention to my feelings. So I noticed what made me feel good. While I am at home, I feel a huge resistance to going out of the house and when I listened to my “feels”, it tells me to stay home. Yet when I am actually forced to go outside, I get a slightly positive feeling in my gut. Hence which one is really accurate and true? I am not sure. But because I noticed that I feel bit better being outside, I would make an effort to go out of the house even though I require a deliberate push on myself to overcome the inertia.

Stay Present. Handle the Important Things that Come Up

Also related to point above. In this period, you have low energy and anything that distracts you away from yourself will seem frustrating. In the past I would turn down anything that required energy on my part. That includes weddings, gatherings, helping people out etc. Turn down the people who are taking your energy without anything in return and the unimportant people. Save your energy for the people who truly need your presence. That means loved ones and close friends who really need your help, no matter how hopeless you feel that day. There is only this life to live and let the frustrations flow aside for a while as you give your attention to the present – the loved one who genuinely needs you now. You may find that these events were perhaps meant to help you out of this sludge of despair, if only you chose to take action.

Update 27 Feb 2018 :

I’ve been listening to these Reiki videos and the music is simply calming and mood changing.


Last but not least, trust that you have come to Earth for a reason. And just as the Earth has its cycles, this phase will pass.


Sharing Kryon

When people ask me what do I do in my free time, I seldom tell them the whole truth. The truth usually consists of an assortment of activities such as trying to incorporate spiritual habits such as Reiki, prayer, affirmations, journalling into a Singaporean work-and-no-play culture. Usually what happens is that I would have established quite a good rhythm when I am out of work but work comes along and competes with all other priorities I have, taking up a good 12 hour chunk each day.

And then I also listen to channellings by Lee Caroll. He channels messages from Kryon. Despite tuning into Kryon channellings for many years, like since 2012(?), I rarely recommend friends to these channellings. For one thing it is already hard to describe who or what Kryon is. Kryon is neither a he/she, but I like to refer as a “he”. If you listen to the messages, he often says he is part of a soup of energy, and has never been a human before. He is neither an angel nor God and also part of God.

I would also have to explain what is channeling and at the same time change the negative perceptions of channeling that most people have. My earliest understanding came from seances, where the medium channeled spirits using his/her body as a vessel for the spirit to come through. And that doesn’t sound very good in the first place.

Then third would be the authenticity of the channeling. Even for readings where the readers pick up messages from your aura or guides, it gets filtered through the reader’s and their bias. Sometimes they simply misinterpret what is being given to them. Despite trusting the source that is Kryon from the other side of the veil, my inner critic usually stays beside me and I choose to accept only the information that is acceptable to me.

Yet towards the end of last year, I heard this and thought it contains useful information for anyone who hears it and also make a fine example of why I continue to listen.

Nov 18-19, 2017 “The way Fear works”

Sometimes there are guest channellers who take up the first few minutes to give their channelling or meditation. Hence Kryon starts only after 2 mins 24 secs for this one, with his signature opening: “Greetings, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.”

To add on, he doesn’t give personal readings and usually addresses a group. I am also unable to verify the accuracy of his messages unless I transcribe all of his audios starting from 2002 to compare with the present. So, why do I continue to listen all these years?

Usually, I play the audio and do something else at the same time, say having breakfast. Yet there was one time when I listened on the bus, purely listening without other thoughts and there I heard Lee (the human) laughed while channeling Kryon. I felt a tingle down my back and heard it as it is.. loving kindness emanating from his laughter. That was what I felt, messages given out of love to encourage and give hope for the future.

Try it, and hope you may find solace as I do.

The rest of his audio can be found here:


Maybe my Affirmations Manifested

I used to stroll along the Singapore River with my husband (then boyfriend) and take in the view of towering commercial buildings lined closely against each other. Most had prestigious banking signs shining at the top of most buildings. During those times I frequently pointed to those buildings across the river and asked, “How do you think it feels to work in one of those?” To which he would sometimes answer with an “I don’t know”and sometimes not.

And then maybe it was ten years later or lesser, I finally had the chance to work in one of these buildings and be part of the office masses in the financial district. The idle soul stopped being idle for a while and was working long hours at a 9-to-9 job.

The office had sophisticated decor and had a million-dollar view of the sea blocked only by Marina Bay Sands, and for the first time I felt a genuine exhilaration at a job that actually came quite close to my affirmation – which was to have a wonderful job with a wonderful pay (this is subjective), beautiful surroundings and to utilise my strengths (doing routine, systematic work). In addition, I was even working with inventory (albeit holdings which are non-physical assets) which was the type of work I loved to do in my previous jobs.. I’d make sure that inventory was in their right place and there were sufficient units to cope with demand. Also the team was small and made up of introverts. For the most part, I lunched freely and alone. In short, it was the ideal job.

The only thing was.. the work didn’t make my heart sing with joy. Even though I like doing that scope of work, it wasn’t giving me joy like I thought it will. And within a short period of time, the drudgery of work, challenges and long hours took its toll over the initial exhilaration.

Currently, it’s pretty clear where I ended up. And am trying to pick myself up again after a period of mild depression to generate another affirmation. But if I evaluated the situation then, I think my affirmation did work after all even though it took a loooong time and sustained effort, not to mention choosing foolish faith over logical doubt.  You might think it would be easier for me to revise my affirmation and try again; or that my faith would be stronger with this result. It doesn’t, not until I clear this lingering sense of failure.

My takeaway is that

  1. Affirmations do give you what you ask for especially when you have defined the parameters e.g. beautiful workplace, and sometimes even more ie. working with units of inventory in a financial institution, which wasn’t in my affirmation but made the position even more ideal, and also having an introverted team helped.
  2. Affirmations do not prevent the challenges that comes with the position. I still faced the usual long working hours, people problems, authority problems etc. (Hmm, maybe if you add it into your affirmation to clear these..)
  3.  I think the joy factor is really the deal sealer. For my case, if you read some articles on Myer-Briggs, the type of work I affirmed to do did not utilise my auxiliary function, which is what I was really supposed to develop in my work.

So this time round, let me try again – to recite my affirmations out loud once a day (or if you’re like me having problems sticking to a fixed routine, then every other day when you remember, just that the time of manifestation might vary). It will be another period of uncertainty and maintaining that blind faith. And if there are results you can bet it will be fodder for another post. Till then, may your wishes come true.