Why I Started This Blog

May 23, 2016

I asked myself what I could share with people who come across my blog.

Only a layman’s approach to spirituality, healing, introversion, sensitivity and art: all my favourite subjects. Then occasionally, food. Even the Masters needed to eat to continue their work on Earth. 

I remembered ten years ago I submitted an essay assignment to my tutor for a Postmodern Theatre class. The assignment was returned to me – with an ‘A’ on the paper. One of the rare times I aced any assignment back in school. With her characteristic dramatic flair and motherly gushing tone, her comments at the back of the paper were for me to put my writing out to the world. That seemed like an irony, since my essays back in school never got to win any competition nor got me the grades I hoped it would.

And then my writing got me in trouble in the workplace, as I wrote pieces of meeting minutes without including the information that needed to be there. You know, it’s like ordering wanton mee without the wanton. 

And yet I as I journaled I thought to myself, that is some kind of writing is it not?

It’s a little late, but better than never, to start in a small way, to share with a blog. At the same time, to explore my favourite topics through writing.

So here you have it in a nutshell, the ‘why’ and ‘what’.

Update: I removed the focus of my blog because I felt it hadn’t settled yet into a particular direction. So I am leaving it floating in the meantime and see what comes up eventually.

September 20, 2016

It was 3 months ago that I wrote the above. Now I define the my blog further.

The blog is my companion as I continue on the human journey. Its focus will be primarily be my views and insights on spirituality, energy, introversion and Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs). It will also be a platform to share my artistic creations. And as a dreamer, to be able to soothe and heal the weary souls who cross paths.


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