Best of the Best: Laundry Detergent

One of my fond memories of childhood was watching laundry hanging on the clothesline outside my bedroom window. In Singapore’s sunny weather, I knew that when they were kept, they smelled sun-dried fresh. Now, I want to have my clothes smell nice and fresh too. I tried a couple of brands as recommended online for their fresh scent. Here is my opinion:

Tide Original Scent Liquid Detergent vs. Arm & Hammer – 

Tide had a stronger and better smell than Arm & Hammer, but if clothes are left damp, Tide’s scent quickly turned murky while Arm & Hammer remained decent. I like Arm & Hammer’s bottle, which was smooth to the touch and upon contact with table tops remained silent. The colour yellow was kind of blah though. Tide had a standard hard plastic bottle.

Human Nature Laundry Detergent – 

I love the citrus scent of this very much, it smells far better than any detergent I’ve smelt. It is also biodegradable and suitable for babies’ clothes. It is on the expensive side, hence I limit it to clothes that I hand wash only. It produces lesser suds than Tide and Arm & Hammer and makes hand washing economical as you use fewer rinses of water to rid the soap suds. The citrus smell fades off after drying. Laundry stays clean-smelling even if left damp for several hours. In this aspect, it is better than Arm & Hammer and Tide.

It doesn’t wash off blood stains very well though. I have tried soaking the fabric for 2 days with it but much of the stain remained overall.

Other brands I have tried:

Method 8x Laundry Detergent – The smell was alright to me, but the above scents appealed much more to me.

Persil Low Suds Powder Detergent – My old detergent. I used it because the washing machine required a low suds detergent and there were few choices in the market. It worked fine but I needed a change after the old washing machine broke down.

As with all detergents, I use less than the recommended level – usually around 1/4 cup for a full load, overnight pre-soak.  After that I squeeze out as much suds as I can and throw the whole lot into the washing machine for a rinse out.


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