Woo-woo Stuff

Okay I have decided to talk about the woo-woo stuff. I sort of dried-up after the previous few posts and felt like a large portion of myself was being repressed if I were to stop myself from talking about it.

To start with, my life is as ordinary as any ordinary Singaporean – 16 years of education (17 years for me as I failed and had to repeat a year) then out into the workforce, and thereafter in and out of the workforce. I have no religion and although tried to fit myself into one during my education years, I found them too stifling after a while. My whole life has been free of both angelic and ghostly experiences, not to mention psychic experiences.

But I have tried a couple of things sporadically and they come on the borderline of weird but not scary. So maybe there is something to share and then be laughed at by the professionals. The thing is, I haven’t been consistent in all things that I tried. I am still trying to cultivate a consistent routine and when I do succeed I’ll blog about it. And I also love reading and watching anything regarding the paranormal (over TV that is, not so much live).


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