My Experience with Psychic Readings

In my twenties, I had a tendency to go for intuitive readings by local psychic readers. Books would mention instances where readers told a then-unknown-psychic-medium that he or she would be doing readings for many people in the future, which then turned out to be their lifelong career later. It used to be a dream for me, that one day a reader would predict my future, and perhaps amazingly lead me to a career focused on the spiritual or unorthodox.

My attempts to seek out a reading were also often made in a desperate claw for hope after finding myself caught in a dead-end job, or feeling unsatisfied about life. Readings left me feeling hopeful for a while, and then soon I was back to the daily grind of a job and feeling the inner struggle without any real breakthrough.

Perhaps you are contemplating right now getting a reading. Perhaps you are hoping to hear some answers to some long-awaited desire, like whether you can get together with the boy in another class who doesn’t know you, or if you will become a millionaire this lifetime. The fact is that good readers can often pick out things from your energy body or even Akashic records with some accuracy. Some can speak with your Spirit Guides and Angels to tell you what you need to know on your life journey. But just as with any skill, good readers would need to have cultivated years of experience to be a good receiver of information and disciplined themselves to be a good communicator. Books often say that we also have these skills, but for the everyday man with lower sensitivity levels and being mired in daily survival, it is harder for us to pick up what I feel as really subtle messages. Before you go ahead and book one, I will just share my past experiences with a few and also what you can expect in general.

Readings are usually conducted by email, phone or face-to-face, availability differs by the readers. I have yet to try a chatroom reader so I have no comments on those. Email readings are charged by per question. Answers given are usually short and to the point, with no room for clarification. You email them the questions and they reply in response to your questions. You really don’t know how they will answer so it might be better for you to describe your question in more detail. Face-to-face readings or phone readings are charged by time, usually pre-stated timings such as one hour or an hour half. They also provide room for clarification and questions during the reading. Charges are more expensive naturally, for face-to-face and phone readings.

Charges can range from $90 to easily few hundreds for the best ones. Payments usually go by PayPal if the readers have a personal website, else it can be really awkward at the end of the reading to hand over money to them. The situation sort of goes like this:

Me: (Thinking) Wow, I’m hearing amazing things from them. I didn’t tell them all these. I wonder how did they know…
Reader: (After checking her watch) It’s past one hour, do you have anymore questions to ask?
Me: Erm.. No, thank you very much. (Silence. Has it ended?) Erm… It’s $150 isn’t it?
Reader: Yes.
Me: (Dig around in my bag for my wallet for prepared cash.) OR better still (Dig around in my wallet for $50, $10 and $2 notes to make up $150 then sheepishly hand over some crumply notes.)

So you might be asking already which type is better and if face-to-face readings are really worth it? Well energetically speaking (or technically speaking), distance does not seem to matter when they are picking information from the spiritual realm. They can still pick up on your information whether you are 2 metres or 2 kilometres away. There have been much literature on energy healing done over distances, if you would like some evidence that it works. For me I feel better sitting face-to-face with a reader. I usually try to pick up some vibes myself and see if I resonate to help me decide whether to return for future readings.

Sometimes before the reading a reader might ask for your name and birth date. I have always been a bit sceptical of this portion because I know quite well that these two pieces of information can reveal many things if they are well-versed in numerology and astrology. Next, the reader will usually start off with an introduction of what he or she would be doing and sometimes ask your threshold on sensitive issues such as death, accidents etc. Well, the ironic thing is that not wanting to know about them does not prevent them from happening. Yet, if you feel you might feel overly distressed, then ignorance might be bliss. They might also ask if you have particular areas of your life that you would like them to focus their attention on.

The flow of the reading would probably be malleable as readers talk about what is more pertinent- the issues that pop up louder in their consciousness as the reading goes. The flow might also be sidetracked when you ask questions to clarify; pop in another question for another area of life or interrupt with your own validation to what was being said. Experienced readers know how to bring the conversation back into topic, finish what they intended to say and then move on to the next area of your interest, all while tapping into your energy. (I find this a very amazing feat.)

So here I list my experiences with some readers, some dating back to almost 10 years ago.

Audrey Agcaoili – I think I had my very first face-to-face reading with her, ten years ago? A very pleasant lady with some ability to tap into your spirit guides and angels as well as your aura. 2 of the Guides that she identified was similar to what Lynda Woolf told me; and that was another separate reading many many years later. She would also sometimes have you pick out Tarot cards to supplement her readings, which I would have preferred that she give me a full hour’s intuitive reading instead.

Celia Fenn – This was done a year or two I think, after Audrey’s last reading. I ordered a two question email reading as I couldn’t afford a live Skype reading. The bulk of it was pretty generic. She mentioned some abilities and talents I had which didn’t seem true for me that time, and then asked me to meditate to find my passion. Fast forward many years down the road, I get a glimpse of what she might be hinting at and maybe it might even turn into reality. Nonetheless, she has written a whole trove of articles that are being read by many and is also very well-known in the spiritual circle.

August Hesse – I got a reading from him as part of a promotional package, where he gave a free 2 question email reading after I purchased one of his apps. If you google his name, it would pop-up together with his Aura Photography app, which I also purchased. It was a 2 short paragraph reading but gave quite definitive directions. I still keep the email and somehow it was such a source of hope for me over the years that I wondered why didn’t he develop a business doing readings for people. You know man, just drop the apps and do readings instead.

Lynda Woolf – I booked a face-to-face reading with her after reading some reviews online. I was quite put off in our very first meeting at a hotel lobby. I arrived 10 minutes late and before we even started she stated her boundaries saying that she would not be able to extend a full hour’s reading to me as the reading time was between 1.00pm to 2.00pm, hence I could either accept a 45 minute reading, or extend to a full hour in another day which she would gladly arrange. Putting that aside, by far she has provided more information to me than my previous readings. She has a knack for reading accurately the relationships of people around you. She correctly identified my brother’s nature as a maverick and picked up benevolent energies of my mother. She doesn’t supplement her readings with other things such as tarot cards, so I got several pages chock-full of channelled information. (I recorded the reading and transcribed it later.) Singaporeans, you might have to get a bit used to her eccentric nature and amusing laughter.

Do note that as with all things, they change with time. So do give them a chance if you find yourself strongly attracted to them. Spirit might have plans for you.

Now, psychic readings might border on the magical, the mystical, the wonderful. But there are some things psychic readings cannot do:

Define your Life Purpose

I used to think it could, and came off disappointed. Eventually I discovered that finding your life purpose is really your own responsibility. Nothing beats getting down to the nitty-gritty hard work of sitting down, searching your heart and writing out what your life is going to be passionately about. No reader will be able to do that for you. Not even me.

Give you 100% accurate information –

I read somewhere that readers who can provide 90% accuracy and above are already at the top of their field. I agree with that and reason simply being that readers are human too. Much of the information depends on how finely tuned their body and mind is to pick up information clearly and then interpret it accurately. Anyone who expects 100% accurate information should probably get their brains checked or their egos fixed.

Give you useful information if you are already closed off –

To put it simply, communication is two-way. If you already think intuition, angels and spirit guides are crap, it would be hard for the reader to firstly, tap into your energy as you are probably blocking subconsciously or consciously with your thoughts. Secondly, you might not record the reading since it sounds like crap and you would not be able to verify it for yourself later. The reader might present you with information but you may not really absorb it. Your mind could be thinking of ways to determine you are right by asking them to produce some hard evidence or to give you a date, which brings us to the next point.

Give you exact dates that something will happen – 

Spirit works in the Now. There are no dates nor time for them. Calendars and watches and man-made constructs for humans. That being said, sometimes readers might tell you a broad range instead, such as weeks or years. The timing issue hasn’t worked that much for me. As far as I know, I would like everything to happen the next minute.

Give you substantial information if you go every week – 

Okay, I did try this, like three times over few months I think, and it was counter-productive. The reader had kindly advised me to stop going to her so often. Even if you have all the money in the world, please don’t. Get one good reading and then use the money for something else like a course to develop yourself instead. Or get one reading each from every reader in the world and then write a review, I need that.

Tell you what you want to hear –

Well, if you really want… How about looking for an android instead – type in what  you would like to hear and then have it repeat back to you. But I understand, sometimes what you just want to know whether your family member will get well, or whether you could live happily ever after with the one and only. Just know that usually what comes through are potential outcomes, and there is always a potential for change too based on your actions. It’s like getting information that you would be ordering a Hawaiian pizza within the next two weeks, and then with that information you chose to stay away from all things Hawaiian (including the pizza of course). Nonetheless, whatever it is that happens, have courage, do the best you can and have no regrets.

I have kept some readings for about 4 to 10 years, and finally catching glimpses of truth, even the seemingly impossible ones Maybe there may be more to reveal in time. I have yet to find someone that I really resonate with, but have also stopped going for readings in the meantime, preferring to work out issues as they come, on my own. There is much value in a good one though; for the guidance it gives; value that reveals itself over time. (Often much longer time than we would like.) And even if you do not go for one, do remember that the best person to ask about you is you.


2 thoughts on “My Experience with Psychic Readings

  1. Hi there, I recently found out about Lynda Woolf and your review came up. I’m interested to know more about how your session went if you don’t mind sharing?


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