Why I Chose iPhone

Recently I had a chance to change my phone. With glee, I browsed the models in the store after my prior decision to switch away from iPhone. In the end, the model I chose? An iPhone.

Seemingly playing around with the current phone models won’t necessarily make for a good review, but a few details eventually led me back to the iPhone. So you might ask why I wanted to veer off from iPhone from the first place. iPhone was really the vision of Steve Jobs. Without having his vision, it seemed to me that further generations of this phone might just be superficial. Yet, other phones have not caught up yet with the iPhone it seems. Here are the reasons, and I admit mine were rather the mosquitoes than dragons.

  • Searching Online – If you wanted to Google for a single term such as “Introvert”, it is fine for all phones. What if you wanted to add on, “and Extrovert”? Most phones require you to re-enter the whole string of terms again.Only iPhone allowed me to stop the search and add on additional search words on top of the ones I already typed. I do searches all the time on my phone – reviews of items to buy, places to eat, movies to watch. It makes no sense for me to re-type everything if I am making 30 searches a day on my phone.
  • Intensity of Colours – I did consider a Samsung phone as the closest competitor and the brand to switch over. But staring at the screen display left me a bit queasy as the colour intensity was overwhelming overall, without leaving the eye some rest. I don’t think reducing the light controls of the display could solve it. There have been phones that blatantly copied the display of iPhone, but a quick search online showed they did not have the performance of the iPhone.

So yes, these are the 2 main reasons I chose an iPhone over the others.


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