Mindfulness Praying

If you have embarked on a spiritual path like me, you would have established a prayer routine. If you are a quiet introvert like me, you would live mostly in your head (and heart) of ideas, thoughts and feelings. On its own, these two pose no problem. That is, until they are combined together.

I try to say a set of prayers everyday. In fact, I have a small collection of prayers which I recite everyday. The problem is, the familiarity of this routine creates a situation where I simply gloss over the prayers. The feeling is like when you are absorbed in reading a book. You have finished a page of the novel but do not remember the exact words you have read. At the end of it, you only bring with you the ideas and an impression. Then you are eager to turn the page. I frequently find myself having finished a prayer and yet not remembering the words of it.

My way of dealing with this is that when I find myself doing that, I go back and recite the same prayer again. Sometimes even breaking a prayer into paragraphs and reciting each paragraph twice. Usually the second time is done with mindfulness of the words and it makes deeper imprint in my mind.

If you face the same problem, why not try it and see if it works for you.


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