Tsum Tsum and Thoughts about Financial Abundance

Image taken from http://www.tsumtsumcentral.com/GameHome.aspx

I have been playing this game called Disney Tsum Tsum on my phone for some time. It is a simple match-3 game where you connect at least 3 of the same Tsums to gain points and coins. The picture above shows Minnie Tsums, Pooh Tsums, Piglet Tsums, Stitch Tsums and Donald Tsums. You also wield a character Tsum with which you can activate its special skill during the game to boost your score. Coins earned in the game allow you a chance to level up your character Tsum, specifically 10,000 coins or 30,000 coins per chance. If you are a beginner, your coins would range from 300 to 600 per game. If you have played for a long time, you can easily earn 1000 coins and above for each game.

Typically I am in the 1000 coin range. Recently, some of my family members started on this game. I gave them tips based on the amount of coins I was getting per game, until they woefully stated that they were struggling with even getting 500 coins; half of what I was getting. It meant that my tips were also useless to them at their “income” levels.

I was financially abundant in the game. Although I had been on the path before where I struggled with just getting 500 coins, it had dropped out of my reality. Probably this mirrors the situation with many of the rich people in society (also aka people in power) versus the ones who are struggling with survival. They easily spend hundreds on a dinner while $100 could last the average person for a week. Some, like me in the game, may have experienced poverty before but it had already fallen out of everyday lives to really remember how it was like. It takes a higher awareness for these people to pull out past memories and feelings of that state in order for them to truly empathise with the poor.  Or unless they had been living humbly on purpose. This is also why they frequently let slip certain statements that would anger those who have difficulty in meeting ends meet, such as being happy about buying a branded bag at a good discount.

While I do get envious of these people too, it is also unfair to have them return to a lower state of financial abundance. Rather, increasing personal awareness seems to be the key. People who have created financial abundance in a healthy way can be an example for others to do the same. People who have financial abundance and a high consciousness can find means to use their money to establish greater good for humanity.

Now if only i can convet my Tsum coins to real cash…


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