Gratitude, Lost and Found

The other day I took a cab out together with hubby as he went for work. I was holding a handphone and ez-link together in my hand which thereafter I slot both into my pocket. Anyone who has done that before can tell you it’s an almost-certain recipe for disaster, especially if you pull your phone out several times in the day. (You know, like to turn Pokestops.) Not long after on the cab, I realised my ez-link was gone.

I sat in the cab with a glum face after telling hubby the news, since he was the one who topped my card  yesterday with a full $20 that could last me several days. I tend to rarely lose things in public, so I was feeling being pretty regretful. Suddenly the thought of asking for the angels’ help came in to my mind and with a mix of desperation, hopefulness and feelings of silliness, said a prayer in my mind to find my card. Maybe they could watch over it till I get home. Maybe a miracle would happen that no one would notice a bright red ez-link sitting on the ground. Maybe the card might somehow come back to me.

It might be pure coincidence. It might a blessing from the other realm. As soon as I finished my prayer, I happened to shift around in my seat and saw something bright red on the floor of the cab! I had glanced the floor of the cab and it wasn’t there before. In any case, my feelings of gratitude were genuine and gushed over my body in waves as I looked upwards and thanked my angels.

If you are a spiritual person, you might have set up a gratitude practice, like giving thanks to the Universe at the start of the day. Well, I do it too. The problem is the routine of doing the same day after day sometimes makes me feel numb, like saying the words on autopilot. It is these events that trigger off your awareness and create the feelings that make you feel alive again. I am pretty sure down the road I will gradually lose this feeling again unless I consciously replay this event and its associated emotion in my mind. Humans are forgetful creatures.

Similarly, have you ever had a situation where you thought you were going to lose someone dear to you? In that moment, all you can do is to turn to prayer. The urgent, focused desperation for divine help and then things turned round for the better. Do you still remember the feelings after that? Gratitude might be simply too mild to describe.

What I am saying is that most things that humans do everyday – habits, routines, frustrations, problems – creates a certain numbness that slowly creeps in. The next problem that comes along when one is solved. The to-do list that seems too big to tackle with limited time and energy. While I would not wish for traumatic events on anyone, sometimes these are the very events that wake those who have been deeply asleep and far too long. Choose to be awake, or let life be your alarm clock.


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