Examples of Help from Spirit

Spiritual books often mention that the Universe helps us when we really need it. I often pray for the Most Benevolent Outcomes towards my desires. This idea was taken from one of the books I read.

I’ve had some small synchronistic incidents recently to share:

17 September 2016 Saturday

I decided to buy a full-sized mineral powder online. It was something I thought about for some time but didn’t go ahead because I felt the money should be saved for daily necessities instead. When I finally decided to make a purchase, I saw they had a 40% on matte powders only – the only product I intended to buy! The discount was quite unheard of and the timing was just nice.

20 September 2016 Tuesday

I visited the supermarket today intending to buy groceries. At the same time, I have a habit of checking the shelf for the below soft-drink which is often out of stock:


It was out of stock. But at the same time a supermarket staff turned in with a trolley of goods and on top it was- China Apple! So I got the drink that I was missing for some time. And being truly delighted I just had to re-iterate my experience here.

If you ask me if there was a grander purpose to these synchronicities, I’m honestly baffled too. They were very minor things and came totally unexpected (ie. something that I have never prayed to have). It’s been a week and other than enjoying my drink and waiting for my item to arrive by mail, there has been no particular connection. Relax and enjoy!



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