How to Deal with Sudden Overwhelming Feelings of Dread, Anxiety or Doom for the Sensitive Person

Recently I had a friend who messaged saying he suddenly had a strong wave of negative emotion like something bad was going to happen. It was the end of the workday for him and he was driving home. He is a sensitive person but also a well-balanced, functioning human being.

So I asked him some questions to bring some awareness to the emotion he was feeling. Perhaps if you are feeling the same you might want to check in with the following:

1. Are there any negative events whose emotions were unprocessed?

Did you quarrel with someone in the day and then repressed the embarrassment and anger you felt in order to continue your day? Did you feel shortchanged by someone who perhaps cut your queue or tailgated while you were driving but you let it pass so as not to “blow a small matter up”? Or maybe during lunch you were sitting beside a customer who was ranting on and on about a co-worker.

A sensitive person tends to hold these emotions somewhere in their body if they were unprocessed, even if they were forgotten from the conscious mind. For me, it helps if I could sit down immediately to process the event. On retrospect if it was a really small event (compared to the big issues in life) such as having someone snatch your seat on the train or refused to give way at the entrance of the mall, you could practice letting it go and focus on the important things in life. If the event is something recurring, such as a toxic family member that you have to face again the next day, you would have to visualise cutting energy cords between yourself and the toxic person. If it was an incident that caused considerable damage to you mentally, spiritually, physically or otherwise, say being shouted at from a stranger in public without any apology, you would also require some time to re-imagine the event in your mind and reframe the situation in another way to lessen its impact on you.

If left unprocessed, you might have sudden residual feelings that seem to come out of nowhere but was really your subconscious bringing them up to be processed and flushed out of energy.

2. Did you encounter any negative entities?

Ok this is more to the woo-woo part but it happens to apply to friends who encounter entities from the other dimension from time to time. I mean, ghosts. Even though people like you and I can’t see them, the spiritually sensitive also do not see them all the time. Not seeing them does not mean that some negative entity or energy does not see you. Maybe you have attracted one or two due to your high vibration and sensitivity.

If you do not have the habit of imagining white light around you or praying, you might want to do a clearing of your energy by praying to Archangel Michael or any other higher being that you believe in. And no, Michael is not religion-exclusive.

3. Did you eat well in the day and rest well the night before?

This is really a no-brainer but sometimes a hungry stomach can wreak more havoc to a highly sensitive person’s psyche. You might find that these feelings dissipate after a good meal.

4. Are you a growing adolescent?

I am evidently well past the age of adolescent. But I remembered that when I was a teenager I was very emo towards teenage crushes, fellow schoolmates, gossip, exam stress etc. There was no lack of sources for churning emotional upheavals in my life then. Now that I am very much older and have had some life experiences, somehow these have decreased some what in quantity though not intensity.

5. Is it premonition?

I hate to say this, but sometimes these are really warnings from your intuition and if there are really no known psychological or physical causes, you might want to ask for more information to come to you via your intuition. If points 1 to 4 did not apply to you, and the feeling persists (in a steady sort 0f way), perhaps the Universe might be asking you to take notice of something and it does help to pay more attention to it, no matter how scary it feels.

I am no stranger to these overwhelming feelings. While they may end up dominating your life due to the intensity and frequency, know that they will pass over time and processing these emotions always helps as you acknowledge, bring them to awareness and do some work to let them go.


2 thoughts on “How to Deal with Sudden Overwhelming Feelings of Dread, Anxiety or Doom for the Sensitive Person

  1. This is my life. Growing up I was very sensitive, shy, and emotional. I never really had the confidence that I wanted when I entered middle school when your trying to process all the emotions that are happening. I remember having a teacher get onto me for something I was doing and I cried like a baby. As I got older I realized that I had a insecure problem and felt like I was not good enough. The women I dated ended up hurting with others guys and close friends of mine. Which leads me to my current situation I’m in now, where I wanted to be with the girl im with now but my close friend had sexual relations and I never really forgave her or him. Also he feels he did nothing wrong to add to the situation. I beat myself up in the head everyday why I came back when I could not forgive her, but the heart is a fool. Of course children are involved so it makes it harder to walk away.. feel stuck. My feeling are good and bad off and on all day long. I get spurts of feeling good then I’m right back in my head saying something is wrong I just don’t feel normal what has happened? It’s really bad at night,I have to take anxiety, depression, and sleep meds to cope. I wish i could go back and make different choices but life doesn’t work like that. They say it’s all about how you respond but it’s hard when your wired this way😭


    1. Thanks for sharing your story. No one will be able to fully understand what you’ve gone through, but I have also had similar situations which caused me to cry as well even in the workplace. I think as sensitive beings we do need more time than others to process our emotions, that means having the people who live with you take up some household chores or putting off your certain tasks for another day while you take your downtime. I still make the mistake of not giving myself enough processing time and beat myself up for letting supposedly small issues. If you have something that uplifts you or gives you hope such as articles, forum, videos, recordings; go to it often. It is your spiritual food. The thing is you can rehash all the bad things that happened to you in your mind which results in the intense feelings you have. If there are things that happened in the past ie. you do not see the person again. Then let it go, including the ones who hurt your girl. You shouldn’t forgive them, but it’s time to let go of stuff that holds you in the past. Focus on what you want instead and you have to start a bit at time. And slowly when you think less of these thoughts you won’t need as much meds to escape anymore. You can’t go back and change your decisions, you did the best you could and the only thing to change is your current and that will keep you busy. 🙂 So allow yourself to eat those meds, (drink some beer) get depressed and lay in your bed. And then when you’ve let it out you can think of something you want. And decide if you love the girl, and if it is worth enough to work through your emotions and forgive her in this case. And even if you decide, it’s gonna take a looooong time. Be kind to yourself.


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