Spiritual Ways to Cheer Yourself Up when Feeling Down

In between the spectrum of emotions from dark, nameless fear to unbounded happiness, there lies an emotion or rather loss of emotion called numbness to life. It can be brought on as an aftereffect from life events such as bankruptcy, loss of loved ones, mid-life crisis or as in my case, job loss. Sometimes, you gather the courage to live again after a good cry, forgive the people you need to forgive, let go of the baggage you need to let go or have a good talk with people who care about you. Other times, nothing dramatic happens in your life and you look for change and yet nothing is happening and daily living starts to feel stagnant. It can feel like you’ve reached a never-ending plateau; like the straight line of a heartbeat monitor with no heartbeat.

If you are having strong, churning emotions that overwhelm you, my other post (“How to Deal with Sudden Overwhelming Feelings of Dread, Anxiety or Doom for the Sensitive Person“) might help as well.

There are some methods which I have used to at least prevent yourself from spiralling down into hopelessness or depression. Unless the human has an optimistic tendency, which in this case he/she does not need to read this post, negative thoughts and doubts usually creep in when there is inactivity for a long period of time. Therefore if you are experiencing this right now, do note it requires some action and perseverance to maintain a routine of whatever-works-for-you until your circumstances or mood changes for the better. Although these are recommended for people who are into spirituality, anyone who is open (or desperate) enough can give these a try.

Prayers Affirmations Visualisations

I can’t stress the importance of these. You probably find it hard to even do the basic stuff to keep your life running such as eating, buying groceries, household chores etc. Even if you don’t feel like even moving from your bed, have a paper scribbled with a prayer/affirmation that you can recite and keep it under your pillow. It requires the least brainpower and calories to do. If you have the energy to lift and look at your phone, that will be more than enough energy to lift and read a piece of paper.

For those who are new to this, let me try to describe the difference between prayers and affirmations. Prayers are statements addressed to the divine requesting for their help in whatever areas you seek help for. You find plenty of these in religious texts and they usually start with “Dear _____, (insert the higher entity that corresponds to your beliefs) “. Affirmations are statements addressed to yourself that bring about positive states in whatever areas you seek change in. You can just write your own. A simple example would be: “I am healthy and well” or “I have wonderful financial abundance”. Most importantly they have to be statements that you can believe in. So if they are too much of a stretch, start small with statements like, “I am healing” or “I am having financial abundance come my way”. You can find some examples from new age/ self-help books, Steve Pavlina‘s website or Kryon channelings. For the last one, unless you plan to start listening to their audio recordings, it is dispersed everywhere…

As of visualisations, it really is just daydreaming, albeit daydreaming in more detail and with sustained concentration.


This helps to clear the clutter in the head. Write anything that comes up. It’s your journal. I have old resentments, old hurt feelings and frustrations that resurface in my memory even when I thought I had let go. Even though I won’t be able to forgive some of the people involved, writing out my feelings helps me to let go of the incident itself and prevents it from churning in my head.


Listen to music that resonates with your mood. Recently came upon this genre called “Chill”

Being Closer to the Divine

Do whatever that brings you closer to God. For some it could be walking in nature, climbing mountains, being near water, creating art or spending time with a child. For me it feels like God in the clouds and angels in a candle flame, so lighting a candle or staring at a large expanse of sky calms me.

Online Tarot Cards iChing Angel Card Readings

Rather than using them as an accurate divination tool, I usually use their messages as a tool for hope and keep those that resonate. Even with just holding the question in your mind without typing them out, I am sometimes simply amazed at the results. Take care not to view these results too seriously.

Here are my favourite sites. The standard online readings are free.

New Age Store

Trusted Tarot

iChing Online

Angel Messenger

Listen to your Urges

When I am in such a mood, I lose the enthusiasm for things I used to enjoy. Hence if there is one that actually comes up and is reasonably doable, rather than dismiss it I give it more attention and try to allow myself to it. I stopped craving for food and places to go to, but allowed myself to window shop and buy some clothes when I loved them. Because I was in a lull mood and low energy, it didn’t bring me into extreme spending although I did spend more than what I was comfortable with. I got tired after several trips to the malls. Because I followed and fulfilled this rare spate of enthusiasm, it died down after two months. If not I suspect holding back might grow it into obsessive addiction and then more guilt spending.

Be Aware of your Feelings

Related to the point above. Because I have the time to, I was paying more attention to my feelings. So I noticed what made me feel good. While I am at home, I feel a huge resistance to going out of the house and when I listened to my “feels”, it tells me to stay home. Yet when I am actually forced to go outside, I get a slightly positive feeling in my gut. Hence which one is really accurate and true? I am not sure. But because I noticed that I feel bit better being outside, I would make an effort to go out of the house even though I require a deliberate push on myself to overcome the inertia.

Stay Present. Handle the Important Things that Come Up

Also related to point above. In this period, you have low energy and anything that distracts you away from yourself will seem frustrating. In the past I would turn down anything that required energy on my part. That includes weddings, gatherings, helping people out etc. Turn down the people who are taking your energy without anything in return and the unimportant people. Save your energy for the people who truly need your presence. That means loved ones and close friends who really need your help, no matter how hopeless you feel that day. There is only this life to live and let the frustrations flow aside for a while as you give your attention to the present – the loved one who genuinely needs you now. You may find that these events were perhaps meant to help you out of this sludge of despair, if only you chose to take action.

Update 27 Feb 2018 : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLlIF0DEBJc0oJZ4gLipPbg/featured

I’ve been listening to these Reiki videos and the music is simply calming and mood changing.


Last but not least, trust that you have come to Earth for a reason. And just as the Earth has its cycles, this phase will pass.



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