Law of Attraction – Letting Go of Outcomes & Good Things Come in Pairs

There was a small incident that helped me understand better the phrase; “letting go of outcomes”. My hubby and I play Battlecats on the phone, where one of the game aspects was a gachapon (random character generator) to gain strong creatures for your army. The best types had a rare win rate, about 5%. So there was one character which hubby had been wanting for very long and every time he had a gachapon ticket he would ask me to click the gachapon with my “lucky” hands, to which we always hype ourselves up in anticipation before pressing the button, to no avail. One day as usual, I clicked his gachapon like how I always do, which failed. And then as I also had a ticket; I clicked for my own without expectations. Instead, I received the character he wanted.

Often, I feel that in Law of Attraction, things come to you at times when you least expect it. Such as in the case with the gachapon and landing my previous job.

Another strange phenomena in my job searches is that despite conscientiously sending out applications, the phone might not ring for months on end, yet when one company finally calls you for an interview, usually a second one will come around on the tail of your first one. So you might suddenly find yourself busy with two interviews held in the same week when for months all was quiet. So yea, good things come in pairs and for job seekers, be more open in the positions you apply for unless you have already narrowed down the suitability and go interviewing! I am pretty sure once you start, more interviews will come to you and higher chances of being hired. Most importantly, keep up with your Law of Attraction efforts even though there is no apparent reaction.


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