Law of Attraction – In Action

The idle soul is un-idle again. It has been 2 months into my contract job, which I took up regardless of the trepidation of the many unknowns. (new job scope, never heard of company, 6 months of contract work which will bring me out of seeking a permanent job). In a way all turned out surprisingly well. I am in a place with good structure, mature and sensible processes, healthy working culture and down-to-earth people. I haven’t had much time to recite my affirmations and continue my daily reiki now that I have to rush to work, except for one which I adopted from Kryon’s teaching. “Today is a good day. Wonderful, positive benevolent outcomes are coming my way. My consciousness surpasses any challenges that may come. Good things lay before me.” I can recite it when I am alone in the lift, before I go out of the door or even in the toilet.

I am also keeping my emotions in check. In the older days I would think that this is THE JOB and feel exhilarated until challenges soon appear and slowly discover that the job and company wasn’t such a good one after all. Now I am taking it with a practical state of mind – just show up, live out each day as it comes and occasionally be grateful at the additional abundance, knowledge and connections that the new job brought me.

I still don’t know what will come down the road and I stop myself from thinking too much about it. There are challenges that I am facing now such as deadlines, overtime, and the time management involved as a working individual, which are reasonable but still challenging. I still knock out by the end of the day and also the first half of  Saturdays. But at least one daily affirmation at the start of the day still helps to frame the day. So on a practical level, I recommend it. Have a happy weekend people!


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