Law of Attraction – Diligent Action

In my current job search, I applied the Law of Attraction differently. Though this time inconsistently and only at the beginning (the initial enthusiasm wore off). Unlike the previous job, I removed all visual details about how the office was going to be like. Instead, I did recite affirmations every day without fail. The thing about affirmations is that because I am so familiar with them, more than half the time I would be reading the words without cognizing, meaning no awareness of the content. I suspect it doesn’t do its job very well at these times. Then there are occasional days where I took the effort to take in the meaning of the words.

When I sent out applications to specific job ads, I also removed the anticipation for a phone call from it. And then, I got a contract job through a recruiter, which was what he had available under his belt and in the industry that I wanted. It was something I had never done before and the interview came and went. So in terms of the Law of Attraction I have been feeling dulled and apprehensive about what’s to come in the job and what’s unknown.

Sometimes I feel that a job in many ways resemble a relationship. No matter how much you try to find out about the qualities (work criteria and environment) of the other person, it isn’t until you commit to the relationship (start in the job) do you know if you are a good fit for the other person (job). Usually only after some months together do you realise the nuances of the other person (company culture) and the bad habits, and whether the shit disturbs you enough for you to want to leave or to tolerate it until changes happen. From experience, most changes that I truly desire do not happen fast enough. If the company is already in a bad shape to begin with i.e. lack of expertise, systems, resources and talent, it takes much longer for companies to improve work processes or conditions. And that is if they have a genuine commitment to do so in the first place. But for the most part they preoccupy themselves with day to day struggles and are blind to the big picture. So I am being reticent until I have immersed in the work itself. Strangely enough, a contract job paid me the highest renumeration compared to all my previous permanent jobs.

Unlike the Law of Attraction books and testimonials, it has pretty much been something I am still grappling with, so there are no “wow” stories here. But I hope it will mean something for those who are using it and also wondering if it works – you are not alone.


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